Preparing for the CPA Exams As a Working Mother

Pursuing a CPA can be both a daunting and exciting challenge, especially if you are a working mom with a family to take care of and a host of other responsibilities waiting for your attention. Preparing healthy meals, dropping and picking kids from school, keeping a clean house and performing myriad other activities that go into running a home and taking care of a family can eat into the time you need to prepare for your CPA exams. However, it is possible to balance family, household chores and work with your CPA prep. Once you pass the CPA exams, you can reach the next level in your career. By following a few simple but essential tips, you should be able to run a well-functioning home while achieving success on your CPA exams.

  1. Learn to prioritize and delegate Preparing for a CPA needs considerable attention so you will need to carve some time out of your busy day in order to get some much-needed studying in. This will require you to learn to prioritize the tasks that are most important such as cooking and getting to work on time and leaving less crucial tasks for later or even delegating them to kids or a spouse. It is perfectly okay to ask for support from your family at this time and to be comfortable with the fact that some less important tasks may be left undone while you prepare for your exams. Remember, your house will not collapse just because you forget to vacuum or tidy up.
  2. Have a study schedule A study schedule is crucial to helping you plan your time so that you can go through CPA material at your own pace without having to cram at the last-minute. It also ensures that you dedicate time to reading and free up the rest of your day for work, family, household matters and other activities.
  3. Use cheat sheets, flash cards or portable notes You can study on the go or whenever you have any free time by taking advantage of cheat sheets, flash cards or portable notes. These allow you to get some learning in whether you are on a coffee break, are waiting in a traffic light or simply have a few minutes to yourself during the day or night.
  4. Get rid of, or reduce time wasters Activities such as watching too much television, hanging out (sometimes) with friends or browsing the internet for anything other than study can really eat into your time. Unless they are absolutely necessary, you may need to cut down on these activities or get rid of them altogether until you have passed the CPA exam sections.
  5. Work with a CPA tutor Passing your CPA exams will not only require that you set aside some time for study but also that you seek support from a tutor or someone who has passed the exams successfully. A good tutor will work with you to help you organize your time well and ensure that you get the most out of studying. You will need to get the best tutor for your particular situation in order to maximize your chances of success. Companies like Tutor the People provide one on one CPA prep with tutors who work on a one on one basis with students while providing customized learning plans and realistic study plans that align with a student’s learning abilities. Tutors are committed to ensuring that you meet the goals that you have set for yourself.

Preparing for CPA exams is challenging. However, by following these few essential tips and making the necessary time commitment, working moms can maximize their chances of success while achieving balance at home and work.

The 70-647 MCTS Exam and Why You Need It

More and more candidates are attempting the 70-647 exams and getting their MCITP certifications, in fact getting certified has become a hot trend these days. Those who pass this exam, qualify for various techie jobs like network administrator, information systems administrator, systems engineer, systems administrator, tech support engineers, systems analysts, technical consultants and network analysts.

Who needs this test?

This test is mainly for those who are interested in getting into a hi-tech computing environment of a medium or large sized company. Hence, it is suggested that you get at least a year’s experience in the implementing & administering of any desktop operating system in a network setting.

The makeup of the test

This test as usual has the multiple choice questions, build a tree, drag and drop, hot area, and build list & reorder questions. However, you should also be ready to handle simulation type ones.

If you are interested in preparing for this MCTS exam or getting hands on experience as an Enterprise Administrator for Windows Server 2008, then you can make use of preparatory courses available on the web. If you want to get into an IT job or want to get promoted to a senior tech position, then you should gain an in-depth understanding of Windows Server 2008.

To get certified the easy way you can make use of 70-647 preparation kits offered on the internet. In this way you will increase your chances of passing it in the first attempt itself.

However, the 70-647 is a tough nut to crack, and it can be tricky to do the preparation all by yourself. As it is with any Microsoft certification, this one too needs comprehensive homework. This is where the training courses on the web come in handy and help the candidates in a big way.

Make the PMP Exam a Happy and Stress-Free Exam

It has been common to us to be really nervous during the PMP Exam. It even turns out to be the most stressful day of our entire lives. You might feel wanting to stop but you must not! You have given a whole lot of your time for that and it would be a waste of everything if you give up now. Think positive and move on, be confident that with all the sacrifices you did, you will pass. Trust in yourself and you will do great. You have the right to pass. But, if you really want to delay for awhile your exam, you could tell the Prometric testing 2 days before the exam or 35 days if paper-based exam.

During the examination day, you should bring important things with you. And your Identification is one of it. It should have your signature and photo in it. If you have a driver’s license, you could use it. But if you’re identification card does not have a signature, you could your other cards like ATM and bank cards. However, Prometric centers doesn’t allow Social Security Cards and Library Cards to be your identification card.

Also, never go to take the exam without preparing yourself.

– You should sleep early the night before the exam to gain more strength,
– eat healthy and nutritious foods like fruits and oats, if time allows you could at least have a short exercise, jog for a few rounds, to freshen up your body, mind and spirit,
– wear something comfortable. It’ll help you feel better and confident, and
– review your notes.

And be early half before the exact time for your exam. You could still relax a little bit, feel the fresh air and feel prepared, unlike being on time – you’ll be taking the exam while catching your breath!

As you start the test, they will be giving you a paper, pencil and a calculator. Before the test is given, write down first everything that you have remembered. You could look at your paper during the exam and it won’t that hard for you to answer. You may get too nervous to remember everything that you have studied. It is better to write it down while you are still relaxed as soon as the paper was given to you.

After that long and nervous test, stay calm! Relax! And you should feel great for you have done your best to take and pass the test. You don’t have to worry much because you will be receiving the results of the exam after 10 days. But, if you didn’t pass the test, don’t feel dismayed. Failure is part of our lives. Besides, it’s never been the end of the world. You can retake the exam again. And if ever you didn’t pass, all you need to pay is for the re-examination fees. So cheer up!

So, be ready for the exam. I’m sure you’ll do great; especially, you have done your best part for it. You deserve to pass. Be prepared and take the PMP exam with full confidence. Good luck!

Copyright (c) 2010 John Reiling