Coaching Top Ranked Players

First let’s set the scene for you as a coach, to give you a better idea of this situation we are talking about.

“A parent comes to you with her son and wants you to coach him, the kid is already ranked high in his section, but they want you to help him make that rise up in the ranking.”

So, what do you do?

I would follow these coaching rules.

A) Find out how hungry he is.

Tennis coaches should always first find out why they are playing tennis and then get a sense for how hungry they are for success.

You have to start here, because all success is going to come through their self-motivation and desire to be great, there are many great coaches who fail to help their players become Champions, but is that really the case?

What they failed to do is,“Measure the player’s desire and heart.”

A smart coach can size up any young tennis player in minutes and they will then decide on whether or not to work with that player.

B) If you do decide to work with them, start working on their mental game immediately.

Their success, is going to depend upon how strong their mental game is on any giving day.

They already know how to play the game, so focus on daily mental training.

Use practice as a time, to prepare them for the mental battles, that they are going to face in matches.

This means you have to know how to coach the mental game.

Study books on the subject and other great coaches and then adopt and adapt their coaching philosophies, to fit into your own unique style.

I am a mental coach myself and I started about 10 years ago and have never look back.

C) Have Faith In them

This is the part of coaching and support that many coaches don’t ever get in their career.

What I’m I talking about here?

“Tennis coaches must show their players that they have faith in them, until their players can develop their own faith.”

One of the great arts of coaching tennis, is to be able to master these skills and then be able to implement them into your program

I have studied the mental game for years and this is the one master coaching key, that I have discovered and that I try to share with as many other coaches as I can.

Now, combine all of those 3 coaching tips,while coaching your top ranked players and you will be developing some true Champions.

Which is what coaching is all about.

Keep working on these tips too, until you master them.

Good luck in your career!

So, good luck!

Understanding the Changing Career Opportunity Trends

It is becoming difficult to get jobs in the most popular sectors nowadays and the effect of recession has made the situation worst. These sectors have become completely saturated with lesser job and progressing opportunities for the average students. There are also a lot of changes in the work places; it has become more complex and competitive. Job seekers have to overcome a lot of challenges to get their desired job. They are also getting less paid than what they are worth getting

Everyone cannot be a topper for this purpose it is important to explore into new sectors to diversify the career options. Various educational institutions are coming up with offbeat career course to help students get jobs easily. For a successful career it has now become important to evaluate different aspects of a particular career. It is also important to find out individual interests to set the right career goal. Collecting information about three basic trends can be a great help to get suitable career guide.

Things to consider to set the right career goal

1. Market Trends
2. Recruiting Trends
3. Employment Trends

It is expected that the job market will take a positive turn in the coming years. Many new job categories will open up new opportunities for the job seekers. Few promising sectors have been pointed out by the experts which are as follows.

Best Career option for the coming years

Health care sectors . It has become a promising career option with the growing market demand. With the development of new medical technology it has become important to have more technicians for its application. The other job sectors under this are pathologist, nursing, audiologist, pharmacy technicians, medical assistants, medical representatives etc can be successful career option.

Mobile Media . Media has become more proactive over the couple of years along with the growing promotional activities. To reach out to the target audience effectively marketers are using different types of new media.The most popular amongst them is the mobile media. With proper knowledge in software applications and other related techniques it can be good field to venture.

Data mining or Data Base Administration . With the help of proper statistical methods this job involves finding out specific type of information from large databases. Teaching can also be a good option as well as a noble social work which helps to win lot of social respect.

Other promising career options can is social services, working as a interpreter or translator, freelancer writer, computer technician, hotel management, aviation sector etc.