3 Freelance Writing Mistakes That Are Killing Your Writing Profits!

Freelance writing can be a great job that offers a flexible schedule, freedom of time and place for work, and for those writers who learn and adapt, a really good living, as well. One of the problems that many beginning, and sometimes even experienced, freelance writers run into is that pure writing ability isn’t the only measure of who makes the most money writing and who makes the least. In other words, there’s a lot more to being a writer than the actual writing.

There are many mistakes that good writers make that holds them back from really making all they could with their freelance writing work. The following are three of the main mistakes that freelance writers make, particularly online writers.

Freelance Writing Mistake #1: One article means one sale. This is a huge mistake that far too many writers make. If “The Atlantic Monthly” is paying you $5,000 for a single 1,000 word article, that’s one thing, but most freelance writers aren’t making that money. Since you do so much research for one article, learn to write and re-write that article to spin several original articles out of one assignment. Why write one “how to” blog post, when you can re-write that same information for a new article on eHow, one for Constant Content, and another for Associated Content. Great freelancers learn how to get more money for the same amount of work.

Freelance Writing Mistake #2: Staying loyal to one website. I’ve seen this advice given to beginning online writers, and it is terrible advice. First of all, look at mistake #1. Second, if you’re on a site that pays absolute peanuts for your writing, you are far better off leaving them for better paying markets where you can earn what your writing really deserves.

Freelance Writing Mistake #3: Not being flexible. Having a niche is great. I’ve done very well writing poker articles, something I’m familiar with since I’m also an amateur player. But if I was only a poker writer, I would also be a very poor writer. The more types and styles of writing you are willing to learn, the more jobs that are open to you and the more money you can make as a freelance writer.

Those three mistakes have prevented some very good writers from becoming full time freelance writers, and has limited the profits of even some full time freelancers. If you are looking to be an effective freelance writer, make sure you’re not making these three common mistakes and your bottom line is sure to improve!